Really? What was it? What happened?!?! Inquiring minds need to know!

At JFK, on the liveATC interesting recordings, there was a cancelled departure. Lufthansa 411 aborted their take-off after “Wow, that was quite a show,” says one pilot. “Yeah, okay, we all saw what happened, we don’t need to talk about it on the frequencies, there are people, er…” says the controller, and stops. NO!!! There are people what? Listening? Like me? So now I am curious… anyone out there who was there? Tell me! TELL!! lau

I was listening to JFK yesterday too. JFK is so cute. I kid you not! There was a massive rush going on. Something had obviously happened to delay the flights, and the controller was in a frenzy trying to keep the line moving. “If you need two minutes, tell me now! Cos if it’s two minutes I’m going to put someone else there!!” “Air France 1023, you can start that second engine now.” “Dynasty 5391, pull up to the Air France in front of you. Pull right up to him.” “Air France 1023, please pull up in line.” “FOLLOW THE AMERICAN EAGLE EMBRAER.” “American 257!!! If you are on Charlie, you should be started up and ready to go. Your line is moving. PLEASE pull up as close as possible to the traffic in front.” (What an awesome day! :D)

Wait for it! Wait for it! I have a GFM on BYC! Someone has gifted me a GFM! I don’t believe it! Humble little me… it’s still a bit weird seeing my name there in orange. I have seen so many people turning golden and thought, hey, that would be pretty awesome. My inbox status has jumped from 98% to 39%!!!! I can keep PMing with Erbil and Spocketatus now, if I can ever be bothered replying to either. I have been doing so much replying today my creative juices appear to have run a bit dry. Sorry!

I find it fantastic how we can gift GFMs. It really allows you to show your appreciation for another member of the chicken nerdom population. What have I done that’s so good? Is is because I’ve started welcoming recently? I hang around so many places, I honestly have no idea whether the culprit is from RR, GJF, Family Life, or maybe even the Aussies’ thread! But whoever you are… gratefulness to the extreme!

I must, of course, now pick a title for myself. I decided on “Out of the blue”. The GFM, my username, my arrival on the forum… (must’ve looked that way 😉 I always end up looking awkward and too forward online at first.)

Qantas is in danger of ending up on a path critics say is practically a mirror-image of Ansett’s collapse. Poor Qantas, who have slipped to #8 on the World’s Top Airlines. Qatar, meanwhile, have claimed the top spot. Where even is that? I think it’s near the Emirates, #10. The middle east has been rather binary this year. Asiana is #3: I haven’t heard of them before. Cathay, #4: I like Cathay, they are a pretty decent airline.

Have you even seen Qantas’s shares recently? $1.80? I have a really hard time believing that a few years ago the things cost $4.20.

Airlines are really copping it hard from the ash cloud and those natural disasters. The earth has not been very kind to us recently. Oil is still, however, hanging around $90.

Ahah. Have any of you heard of Gina Rinehart? First woman to top Australia’s rich list. $10.3 billion. What on earth does she own, the United States of America?! (Actually, I wouldn’t, have you even SEEN their debt numbers? th)  Nope, apparently not. Just a humble mining company. Although they apparently have some pretty spectacular projects, with the same number on the top ten as Rio Tinto.

BHP Billiton, meanwhile, have none.


Okay, I’m going to stop warbling now. Over and out. – Lizzzzzzzzay.


Recently, a thread’s popped up on BYC about bad families. It’s pretty tear-jerking, reading about the experiences of people who’ve had alcoholic or just uncaring parents: I could never imagine a life like that! Virtual hugs to you all who’ve ever been in that situation!

I removed my post from that thread because it was obvious it wasn’t needed.

It’s interesting to read about the ways people cope with that kind of horrible stuff. People write, they listen to music, they take drugs.

I don’t know what I’d do if my life ever got that bad. Throw myself off a bridge? I currently keep a lame attempt at a journal. It’s funny in parts, when I read old notebooks, although some things are just better left in the past! There are a huge number of startling things that most people would be gobsmacked to read if I died and they found the journals.

The BYC people wouldn’t believe it, my parents wouldn’t believe it.

It’s amazing how people change, don’t you reckon? Year by year, my life has gone from one extreme to the next. I always do a little bullet point list of what I’ve achieved each year, just the main things. I do this on New Years’ Eve. It’s kind of a tradition lol

Some of the more amusing ones would be ‘Discovered PoultryLand and have successfully maintained four accounts.’ (Hey, don’t tell anyone, okay? hide I was a bit of a loser. But now I’ve started afresh, and I am 23_Lizzy_05, if PL ever returns)

‘Wrote four movies.’ Movies? What a joke! They were little Pages documents smothered in kiddy language. Recently, I’ve written a properly formatted real-deal thing, and I’m starting on another one! woot

‘Discovered aviation and have become an expert.’ ‘Discovered the stock market and have become an expert’. Really, Liz? Really? lau How can I be an expert in those things when I am not even at an age where I can legally fly or trade? ROFL. And back when I wrote those statements… I knew nothing compared to what I know now. Amusing how I used to think I was so smart, just because I knew what STAR, ILS, SPI and NYSE stand for. roll

I shall have to add ‘Discovered BYC and became a Crazy Pullet’ onto this year’s list. Fantastic. Something I should be very proud of!

The Crazy Pullets is a  fantastic resource. I can practically find any smiley I need on there, and copy and paste. Except for roll, because nobody seems to be rolling their eyes much lately 😦

And, to end with a bit of a laugh I got from old Spockety-Spock recently… lau


Wow, I just failed my German writing test! th

I actually tried really hard, went 150 over the word limit and detailed pet-searching flights to Perth and encountering the ash-cloud and enclosing a bird T-shirt from Bindi Irwin for my bird-crazy teacher who I have to tame in preparation for news that I’ve missed the past week of school to search for my missing pet. lau

Then my bubble was burst when Frau told us ‘geflogen’ has to be used with ‘sein’ and not ‘haben’. he th



wait, what? you put a hundred and fifty pets in an ash cloud just so you could tame a bird to give to you’re insane teacher?……you have no idea why weird what you just wrote sounded like.

So a woman told you that somebody had to be flogged in order to use a duck and not a rabbit in a bubble? or am i completely off? idunno

One more thing. Sorry I’m keeping you! I found a book named ‘Share Investing for Dummies’. Epic, it’s got chapters on almost everything i actually want to know… but $46 too expensive. It’s my birthday in ten months’ time!! Wink wink, nudge nudge! Jokes.

Mrs Bennet: I can wink and nudge… can you? lau

This morning, everyone in the senior school got a chance to vote for the student council. The year elevens had given their talks a couple of weeks ago: some of them were funny, some of them were terribly boring but got huge cheers due to popularity, some of them were just terribly boring.

The second sort I hate. There are girls there who I know for a fact are bitchy, tardy, up themselves… and they’re probably going to end up on the board due to popularity. I eliminated all of those right away as soon as I got the voting slip.

I picked people who either gave me a bit of a laugh, or who I’ve chatted to before, or who didn’t get much of a cheer due to the fact that they actually wrote a proper speech. I hope at least some of them make the board, because some of them actually deserve to be there. 🙂

CONSUMERS will save up to $54 million a year from Virgin Australia’s joint venture with Delta, which has received its final green light from US regulators. US business consulting firm Compass Lexecon determined the economic benefit as part of the two carriers’ appeal to allow the alliance across the Pacific. The US Department of Transportation approved the partnership at the weekend, allowing the airlines to co-ordinate flights and ticketing.

It’s finally happened! :woot

I’ve been waiting for this for ever so long, ever since the news first came out of the initial negotiations in January!

I’ve also been following the news about the airlines cancelling flights due to the ash cloud. Here’s a paragraph I wrote for BYC…

Oh, dang! Now flights have been cancelled to Perth. Before, Virgin had let their pilots fly below the ash cloud (geniuses), but it’s shifted to 15 000 in WA and is now unavoidable. They’ve resumed flights to NZ, Tazzie and SA below the cloud: they were the only big domestic airline not to cancel their services to Adelaide. 

Other flights to Adelaide are back online today, things in Tasmania still wishy-washy…

Qantas, especially, has been pulling out ALL their flights, saying again and again that safety comes first. “Virgin, Emirates, Cathay Pacific and Singapore Airlines are privately fuming at the Qantas decision.” They think it’s a publicity stunt. Personally, I’m with Virgin here, fly around the darned thing. They’re even sending more planes out to help passengers stranded by other airlines! woot

Passengers, instead, are taking taxies. Many overjoyed drivers are being paid $1200 to drive interstate lau lau

I can’t believe a volcano in Chile has caused all this trouble! 

Here’s the link, if any of you are interested, a live update thing on the status of flights and what the airlines are up to regarding this ash cloud.
Volcanic Ash Cloud

There’s a Woolies in the city centre that’s recently been renovated. Reopened, that store looks absolutely fantastic. They have escalators that don’t break down every couple of days (trust me, that was annoying), four express lines with self-serve checkouts and one with cashiers so we don’t have to wait for hours in queue, and new lighting that means we can now actually see what we are buying and how much it costs.

Since it reopened, business has boomed. Whenever I head to the Woolies to get some lunch (and it’s the same story at closing time), the queue stretches almost to the far wall, but that’s fine because with the five check-out lines, you get out of there pretty fast. And nobody buys huge trolleyloads of food because

a) You’d have to check it out yourself, and the bagging area can only hold so many packs of steak before you start getting error messages


b) You risk having a check-out girl glaring at your mountain of food and dropping your eggs on the floor or onto your shoes in her haste to get you out so she can serve the next customer.

They’ve recently introduced three dollar “bag as much fresh fruit-n-veg as you can” bags, and they are a hit. In fact, myself and my mother bought so many (the trick is to stuff things like mushrooms and strawberries in the gaps between the egg-plants) that people thought our trolley was the collection of ready-bagged veggies and started taking stuff. 🙄 Fantastic.

Anyhow: this would be the kind of business I’d like to invest in one day. I hear Woolies isn’t doing too badly right now.

I love the Financial Review. Anyone with me?

I have been following diligently the articles about Virgin and Singapore forming a partnership. I was onto the story the day it came out on news.com.au (That site is epic. Y’all should give it a squiz) and gradually the release of this led to a nice article on the back of the Review about how John Borghetti has turned Virgin into a “real airline”.

I thought that was kind of cute.

I was actually surprised to hear that the dude has kept all the promises he made back when he became the CEO. When stories about Julia Gillard are reveberating around your skull all day, there’s not much you hear about people actually keeping their word. In my humble opinion, ABC news goes on way too much about politics.

Anyhow, back to what I was saying about Virgin: the new partnership is giving the airlines a combined total of 100 new destinations. I reckon Borghetti has done a pretty flashy job of getting connections set up all around the world: he couldn’t have picked better, really. Etihad, Air NZ, Delta and now Singapore… they’re practically everywhere that’s worth going! 😆 (Hey, they can fly to Europe from Singapore, so that doesn’t count, does it?)

I like how it says he respects the unions. Now we don’t hear of Virgin pilots and engineers threatening to go on strike, do we? *wink wink nudge nudge* Oh, the most funny part of the whole deal was that it happened the day after Malaysia joined OneWorld and Qantas had their eye on an alliance…. sucks to be Qantas right now. Shares are looking like [expletive]. :lau (Sorry, I would normally go out and say that, but I know there are people following my blog who would scold me for openly saying the D-word, let alone the S-word. :P)

Qantas and AA’s deal has been approved by the ACCC though, so they’re good to go. I find it funny how the two major Aussie airlines made friends with the two major American airlines… I guess that leaves out United and Jetblue, but surely nobody’s going to want to partner up with Tiger… I’ll take striking out alone anyday!

Interest rates have also stayed on hold for the sixth time in a row. I find it absolutely hysterical how they create all this hype (Oh, 100% chance of a raise!) and then it never happens. In fact, now it’s dropped to a 1% chance. 🙄 Indecisive, dithering economists.

It’s the same with the Qantas industrial action. They were building it up for weeks, even months, how they were considering doing it. Newspaper coverage built from page whatever to page 1… then what do they do at the last moment? yeah, they cancel it.

Anyhow! That’ll be all for my nonsensical rambling today…

Sweet baby Jesus!!!! POULTRYLAND is back up! :ep :th Arggghhhhh

The point of everything we learn, and go through, and just DO.

I’m sure we’ve all heard of the saying “Everything happens for a reason”, but seriously? What if nothing happens? Does nothing happen for a reason too? I’d sure like to know what it is.

Life sometimes moves nowhere. Bank accounts move nowhere. Jobs move nowhere. Friendships, assignments, they all move nowhere.

The only thing that appears to be moving with increasing speed at such moments is time, which only seems to add to the stress. :he

I’ll stop being depressingly philosophical now. (The ‘philosophical’ part co

mes from boredom, the ‘depressingly’ from the mood I am in when I am bored.)

I recently wrote a movie script for Screnzy, at a friend’s encouragement. I am in love with it. I am editing it up nicely to use for a major school project (which, incidentally, is moving nowhere and due in four weeks!!!!) and some of the parts just have me in stitches. It’s a really sweet story though. Things comes together eventually at the end; here’s a bit from the “big scene”. (Millanie is one of the main characters who has ‘flash forwards’ and Tibby is the head steward and a friend she met over the internet who she has not seen face-to-face before this day.) The plane they are on is in trouble.


Bring the power down a bit, will ya? Look, the engines are surging…


Yeah, that’s a bit weird, you think it’s anything to be worried about?


I doubt it. Everything else is looking fine to me.

The COPILOT reaches forward to pull back on the throttles. Nothing happens. The engines continue to surge.


Okay, something’s definitely playing up here. We’re al

most there anyway, we’re about to hit final, then we can report this to maintenance and they’ll take care of it.


My God… they’re turning final.


(through radio)

Virgin 1544, turn right heading 020, maintain 2000 till established on the localiser, cleared ILS approach runway 4 right.

MILLANIE jumps into the cockpit. The PILOTS jump, startled.


Why don’t you listen to the other crew members for once? There’s something dodgy happening in the cabin, we can all hear it but you. You cannot land!

MILLANIE stumbles forward.


My golly, the girl’s drunk!


(in a very clear voice)

I’m not drunk. But I see that this plane is going to crash for certain if you go ahead with the approach.

The PILOT opens his mouth to argue, but TIBBY suddenly barges in behind MILLANIE.


Can’t see a warning sign when you’re given one!

He socks the PILOT across the head. The PILOT, being a small, unfit man, topples out of his seat, unconscious. MILLANIE falls forward over him, cracking her head on the instrument panel.


Come on, Stargirl. You’ve gotta save the plane. Put it on full throttle, we’ve got to get it higher off the ground.

The COPILOT stares at MILLANIE in shock. MILLANIE stares at TIBBY in shock.


(voice sounds blurred to Millanie)

Do it!

MILLANIE falls forward, losing her balance. She manages to grab hold of the throttles and collapses, forcing them forward.

The COPILOT is going into shock. He sits, stunned, as TIBBY lunges at the Captain’s seat and grabs ahold of the controls.


(to Copilot)

Well, do we have to do anything else with all these little knobs?

The engines whine noisily as they pick up power and the plane slowly begins to climb. TIBBY, unsure of what to do, pulls back hard on the controls. The land drops away below them.



Are you sure you’re not going to stall it?


Excuse me? How do I do that?

The COPILOT reaches out and tries to reclaim the controls.


What are you doing? No landing the plane! What have I told you already?!

TIBBY and the COPILOT fight over the controls over MILLANIE’s unconscious form.

The COPILOT eventually manages to push TIBBY out of the way, levelling the plane out. MILLANIE comes around, and the sudden change of pitch throws her forward so her head smashes into the instrument panel.


Ow… that… was incredibly painful.

The entire thing is here: http://scripped.com/script/view/132673 I still have no idea whether I am meant to write “CUT TO” anywhere or not: if anyone has any advice, please comment.

One last thought before I over and out on your all again: I’m in love with Tweeter, where we twit and yesterday we twat! 😀 Here are some of my favourite twits that have popped up on my feed recently: