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CONSUMERS will save up to $54 million a year from Virgin Australia’s joint venture with Delta, which has received its final green light from US regulators. US business consulting firm Compass Lexecon determined the economic benefit as part of the two carriers’ appeal to allow the alliance across the Pacific. The US Department of Transportation approved the partnership at the weekend, allowing the airlines to co-ordinate flights and ticketing.

It’s finally happened! :woot

I’ve been waiting for this for ever so long, ever since the news first came out of the initial negotiations in January!

I’ve also been following the news about the airlines cancelling flights due to the ash cloud. Here’s a paragraph I wrote for BYC…

Oh, dang! Now flights have been cancelled to Perth. Before, Virgin had let their pilots fly below the ash cloud (geniuses), but it’s shifted to 15 000 in WA and is now unavoidable. They’ve resumed flights to NZ, Tazzie and SA below the cloud: they were the only big domestic airline not to cancel their services to Adelaide. 

Other flights to Adelaide are back online today, things in Tasmania still wishy-washy…

Qantas, especially, has been pulling out ALL their flights, saying again and again that safety comes first. “Virgin, Emirates, Cathay Pacific and Singapore Airlines are privately fuming at the Qantas decision.” They think it’s a publicity stunt. Personally, I’m with Virgin here, fly around the darned thing. They’re even sending more planes out to help passengers stranded by other airlines! woot

Passengers, instead, are taking taxies. Many overjoyed drivers are being paid $1200 to drive interstate lau lau

I can’t believe a volcano in Chile has caused all this trouble! 

Here’s the link, if any of you are interested, a live update thing on the status of flights and what the airlines are up to regarding this ash cloud.
Volcanic Ash Cloud


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The point of everything we learn, and go through, and just DO.

I’m sure we’ve all heard of the saying “Everything happens for a reason”, but seriously? What if nothing happens? Does nothing happen for a reason too? I’d sure like to know what it is.

Life sometimes moves nowhere. Bank accounts move nowhere. Jobs move nowhere. Friendships, assignments, they all move nowhere.

The only thing that appears to be moving with increasing speed at such moments is time, which only seems to add to the stress. :he

I’ll stop being depressingly philosophical now. (The ‘philosophical’ part co

mes from boredom, the ‘depressingly’ from the mood I am in when I am bored.)

I recently wrote a movie script for Screnzy, at a friend’s encouragement. I am in love with it. I am editing it up nicely to use for a major school project (which, incidentally, is moving nowhere and due in four weeks!!!!) and some of the parts just have me in stitches. It’s a really sweet story though. Things comes together eventually at the end; here’s a bit from the “big scene”. (Millanie is one of the main characters who has ‘flash forwards’ and Tibby is the head steward and a friend she met over the internet who she has not seen face-to-face before this day.) The plane they are on is in trouble.


Bring the power down a bit, will ya? Look, the engines are surging…


Yeah, that’s a bit weird, you think it’s anything to be worried about?


I doubt it. Everything else is looking fine to me.

The COPILOT reaches forward to pull back on the throttles. Nothing happens. The engines continue to surge.


Okay, something’s definitely playing up here. We’re al

most there anyway, we’re about to hit final, then we can report this to maintenance and they’ll take care of it.


My God… they’re turning final.


(through radio)

Virgin 1544, turn right heading 020, maintain 2000 till established on the localiser, cleared ILS approach runway 4 right.

MILLANIE jumps into the cockpit. The PILOTS jump, startled.


Why don’t you listen to the other crew members for once? There’s something dodgy happening in the cabin, we can all hear it but you. You cannot land!

MILLANIE stumbles forward.


My golly, the girl’s drunk!


(in a very clear voice)

I’m not drunk. But I see that this plane is going to crash for certain if you go ahead with the approach.

The PILOT opens his mouth to argue, but TIBBY suddenly barges in behind MILLANIE.


Can’t see a warning sign when you’re given one!

He socks the PILOT across the head. The PILOT, being a small, unfit man, topples out of his seat, unconscious. MILLANIE falls forward over him, cracking her head on the instrument panel.


Come on, Stargirl. You’ve gotta save the plane. Put it on full throttle, we’ve got to get it higher off the ground.

The COPILOT stares at MILLANIE in shock. MILLANIE stares at TIBBY in shock.


(voice sounds blurred to Millanie)

Do it!

MILLANIE falls forward, losing her balance. She manages to grab hold of the throttles and collapses, forcing them forward.

The COPILOT is going into shock. He sits, stunned, as TIBBY lunges at the Captain’s seat and grabs ahold of the controls.


(to Copilot)

Well, do we have to do anything else with all these little knobs?

The engines whine noisily as they pick up power and the plane slowly begins to climb. TIBBY, unsure of what to do, pulls back hard on the controls. The land drops away below them.



Are you sure you’re not going to stall it?


Excuse me? How do I do that?

The COPILOT reaches out and tries to reclaim the controls.


What are you doing? No landing the plane! What have I told you already?!

TIBBY and the COPILOT fight over the controls over MILLANIE’s unconscious form.

The COPILOT eventually manages to push TIBBY out of the way, levelling the plane out. MILLANIE comes around, and the sudden change of pitch throws her forward so her head smashes into the instrument panel.


Ow… that… was incredibly painful.

The entire thing is here: http://scripped.com/script/view/132673 I still have no idea whether I am meant to write “CUT TO” anywhere or not: if anyone has any advice, please comment.

One last thought before I over and out on your all again: I’m in love with Tweeter, where we twit and yesterday we twat! 😀 Here are some of my favourite twits that have popped up on my feed recently:

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Been waiting for this day a while 😉 23/05, get it? Well, if you know me on Poultryland, you’ll get it. :caf

It’s a pity that years don’t have 16 months and months don’t have 34 days! O, the old home city doesn’t get its own special day of the year, unless you count the 25th July. Which I wouldn’t.

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Hello world!

Oh, that’s nice. I don’t know how many blogs I’ve made so far. Sites keep crashing on me, they delete my posts, or I get confused about how they work.

I actually like the title they gave me, I think I’m going to keep it. Hello, World. How are you doing? I’m not doing so badly myself. I found this on a Funny Stuff website, and it’s hysterical:


My favourite parts by far have to be

Please do not chant “Ossy Ossy Ossy, Oy Oy Oy” every time I ride past on the donkey. Thanks.


Finally, we’ve heard that there may be Western soldiers in disguise trying to infiltrate our ranks. I want to set up patrols to look for them. First patrol will be Omar, Muhammad, Abdul, Akbar,Hammed and Dave.

Love you lots, Group Hug.

Group Hug!! That’s hilarious! My friend and I have been chuckling about that email for ever so long. I highly doubt its authenticity, however, owing to: this: http://www.news.com.au/technology/how-osama-bin-laden-sent-and-received-thousands-of-emails-without-being-detected/story-e6frfro0-1226055144297                              

Myself and my friend chuckle about all sorts. She is one of those people who laugh about anything and everything. She especially enjoys our inside jokes about crack cocaine… I’m pretty sure crack isn’t something to laugh about, but when you’re with her, seriously, you’ll find yourself cracking (no pun intended) up over every darn thing.

By the way, has anyone ever mentioned that crack looks like cheese? I can haz cheezburger!

G: Oh my word, what’s in this cheezburger that’s making me go WOAH…

Perhaps it was to do with Bob the crow who appeared midway through our very interesting conversation about Charlie Sheen. The poor man was apparently fired for taking too much drugs. Well, that is G’s opinion anyhow, which I wouldn’t totally trust. She likes to mime snorting coke. Seriously, that child has a problem…

Me: Aw, man, I just got fired!

G: *sniffs*

Me: Aw, crap, I just lost a multi-million dollar contract…

G: *sniffs*

Me: Aw, oh no…. I … er…. just ran out of coke and money!

G: *looks around in a panic* I O U!!

That was the moment Bob landed in a nearby tree. Why Bob? Huh, we thought it was a pretty good alternative to Dave in Ossy’s email. Omar, Muhammad, Abdul, Akbar,Hammed and BOB… 

I guess I should be telling you something about what I am like when I’m not under the influence of my insane friend with the virtual drug problem… I am a normal teenaged girl with interests in aviation and business. I aspire for a career that I’ll get to show off about. I run an airline and my personal accounts just passed a million dollars. 

One day, I’d like to learn how to make money off the stock market. Start as soon as possible, huh? I’m looking into some books on Amazon. I am also going to aim to get my pilot license as soon as I pass the age I can legally do so. I am an avid watcher of the news – I faithfully tune in every evening and check http://www.news.com.au five times a day at regular intervals as well. My favourites are airline news, trade news… hey! Did anyone tell you Australia’s gone into trade surplus of $1.74 BILLION dollars?! Gee, I can’t even imagine how many zeroes that would have, despite being pretty good at maths. I don’t find maths bad. It’s not particularly interesting, but I get plenty of time to muck around in my notebook of random thoughts while the rest of the class slave away at work I finished twenty minutes ago 😉

Oh, yeah. And I’m always up for a challenge. Wether that be trying to make some friends on an internet forum I don’t know anyone (I don’t think I’ve done too bad a job. I have settled into a number of threads on BYC… not sure if there’s anyone there I can call a friend yet, but they’re good people to talk to), signing up for the senior school musical when I can’t sing, dance or act or going to Germany on exchange. The BYC guys have actually reassured me on that, most say the Germans are really good people who will speak to you in English when they hear your German isn’t exactly up to scratch. I am terrified of forgetting the gender of the peas or the butter when I’m at the dinner table…

I’m in love with owl city. The dude makes the best songs!! My favourites by far would HAVE to be Peppermint Winter and Tip of the Iceberg. The former is such a sweet song, it’s just energising… not about some of those songs you get nowadays! It never fails to cheer me up. I rip off the wrapping and tear through the box till I end up with 45 new pairs of socks! 

I kinda like listening to air traffic control. I’ve done so once or twice before, never had much time to do it more often. It’s cute hearing the American pilots. New Yorkers have great accents and great senses of humour. Oh, and something exciting always seems to be happening at JFK (fuel emergencies, signs that go flying across the airport…) unlike Sydney, which is basically just the motions, which is always nice when you want to go back to basics.

Oh, my goodness, this post is 900 words long? Gee, why can’t my creative juices run as freely when I’m trying to finish an essay on Much Ado About Nothing on the day before it’s due?! 

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