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This is dedicated to Eenie 😉

I never believed they would actually go bankrupt. That sort of stuff happens to Greece, not America, although they had us all on the edge of our seats, I have to say. 😛

Who has watched this rap battle? it is hilarious, I am not even kidding.

US-Sino Currency Rap Battle

Oh, and in case anyone is interested:
-Fortescue Metals reached $6.64 in the holidays!!!!!! OMG!!!! I was astounded, it was AWESOME!!
-Flight Centre has just risen to $22.33 after America came to an agreement about raising the debt ceiling!!!
-Yes, America ‘sorted it out’ tongue Thanks for making us sweat, Washington!! old
-Lynas is at $2.21, a record for me smile


(Yes, Flight Centre lost a little)


As you can see, I ran out of money lol
I also moved up to No. 7911! I started out at 8800! I was very proud of myself tongue

I am actually looking into buying something called SandFire… wish I’d gotten to it before it suddenly shot up. But anyway, I can’t decide what to sell. I would sell OneSteel if it just went back up for one second (give me that, come on!) and I am not selling Fortescue if you gave me a hundred grand. I’m following them on Tweeter now cos they’re special 😛

Actually, I’ve been having  a lot of fun on Tweeter.

Lizzy_235 The Person
rofl I’m playing Angry Birds. That pig just rolled off the edge of its little tower. I never even touched it 😛
Lizzy_235 The Person
omfg this five ton concrete block just landed on that pig. Y U NO DIE?!?!
Lizzy_235 The Person
Haha… was answering one of the RD quiz questions: “N_ _ _ _A: what state is Las Vegas in?” Only thing I could think of was “Narnia”…

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The point of everything we learn, and go through, and just DO.

I’m sure we’ve all heard of the saying “Everything happens for a reason”, but seriously? What if nothing happens? Does nothing happen for a reason too? I’d sure like to know what it is.

Life sometimes moves nowhere. Bank accounts move nowhere. Jobs move nowhere. Friendships, assignments, they all move nowhere.

The only thing that appears to be moving with increasing speed at such moments is time, which only seems to add to the stress. :he

I’ll stop being depressingly philosophical now. (The ‘philosophical’ part co

mes from boredom, the ‘depressingly’ from the mood I am in when I am bored.)

I recently wrote a movie script for Screnzy, at a friend’s encouragement. I am in love with it. I am editing it up nicely to use for a major school project (which, incidentally, is moving nowhere and due in four weeks!!!!) and some of the parts just have me in stitches. It’s a really sweet story though. Things comes together eventually at the end; here’s a bit from the “big scene”. (Millanie is one of the main characters who has ‘flash forwards’ and Tibby is the head steward and a friend she met over the internet who she has not seen face-to-face before this day.) The plane they are on is in trouble.


Bring the power down a bit, will ya? Look, the engines are surging…


Yeah, that’s a bit weird, you think it’s anything to be worried about?


I doubt it. Everything else is looking fine to me.

The COPILOT reaches forward to pull back on the throttles. Nothing happens. The engines continue to surge.


Okay, something’s definitely playing up here. We’re al

most there anyway, we’re about to hit final, then we can report this to maintenance and they’ll take care of it.


My God… they’re turning final.


(through radio)

Virgin 1544, turn right heading 020, maintain 2000 till established on the localiser, cleared ILS approach runway 4 right.

MILLANIE jumps into the cockpit. The PILOTS jump, startled.


Why don’t you listen to the other crew members for once? There’s something dodgy happening in the cabin, we can all hear it but you. You cannot land!

MILLANIE stumbles forward.


My golly, the girl’s drunk!


(in a very clear voice)

I’m not drunk. But I see that this plane is going to crash for certain if you go ahead with the approach.

The PILOT opens his mouth to argue, but TIBBY suddenly barges in behind MILLANIE.


Can’t see a warning sign when you’re given one!

He socks the PILOT across the head. The PILOT, being a small, unfit man, topples out of his seat, unconscious. MILLANIE falls forward over him, cracking her head on the instrument panel.


Come on, Stargirl. You’ve gotta save the plane. Put it on full throttle, we’ve got to get it higher off the ground.

The COPILOT stares at MILLANIE in shock. MILLANIE stares at TIBBY in shock.


(voice sounds blurred to Millanie)

Do it!

MILLANIE falls forward, losing her balance. She manages to grab hold of the throttles and collapses, forcing them forward.

The COPILOT is going into shock. He sits, stunned, as TIBBY lunges at the Captain’s seat and grabs ahold of the controls.


(to Copilot)

Well, do we have to do anything else with all these little knobs?

The engines whine noisily as they pick up power and the plane slowly begins to climb. TIBBY, unsure of what to do, pulls back hard on the controls. The land drops away below them.



Are you sure you’re not going to stall it?


Excuse me? How do I do that?

The COPILOT reaches out and tries to reclaim the controls.


What are you doing? No landing the plane! What have I told you already?!

TIBBY and the COPILOT fight over the controls over MILLANIE’s unconscious form.

The COPILOT eventually manages to push TIBBY out of the way, levelling the plane out. MILLANIE comes around, and the sudden change of pitch throws her forward so her head smashes into the instrument panel.


Ow… that… was incredibly painful.

The entire thing is here: http://scripped.com/script/view/132673 I still have no idea whether I am meant to write “CUT TO” anywhere or not: if anyone has any advice, please comment.

One last thought before I over and out on your all again: I’m in love with Tweeter, where we twit and yesterday we twat! 😀 Here are some of my favourite twits that have popped up on my feed recently:

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