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Hello, to all you blog readers.  frow

Who, by the way, was it that commented calling themselves ‘Whiteflare Jr.’? Was it you, Nix? You said something about minions, and you’re younger than me… o.O

Never mind, thanks for the comment!




Ducketatus was even speculative that growth COULD go over 100%!

The fake stock is pretty good. Flight Centre especially, I’ve been reading the papers and picking the ones they said are set to rise…

Does Nix even read my blog? I feel a special connection with all you Aussies. Feel free to pop by any time you want 😛



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Hey, it’s a new game I discovered!

We can buy fake stocks with fake money at real prices.

I had absolutely no idea what I was meant to be doing. Fun, fun, fun! I scrolled down toVirgin Blue.

I gleefully bought some Fortescue Metals.

Give me a break, I know nothing about the stock market, I was just having a bit of fun with my fake money!!

FMG actually turned out to be one of top growth stocks they had on one of the articles.

Today, I logged on to discover my stock had gone down by 0.495% *sad face* At least I’d managed to buy some. My Virgin stuff is still pending. caf

What do I do now?

I had absolutely no idea. I scrolled down the list and gleefully happened upon MAp, who I have been reading about in the news. Buy!!!

I have been telling Spocketatus about my adventures:


ARGHH!! So exciting! I love this game.  The stock’s just gone down by $20. I’m guessing the pretty red colours are an indication telling me I shouldn’t sell it. idunno


Good, good. What sort of stock? cattle? goats? chickens? pigs? donkeys? horses?


Fortescue Metals. caf


Metals? thats good.

ROFL….. heheh

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Really? What was it? What happened?!?! Inquiring minds need to know!

At JFK, on the liveATC interesting recordings, there was a cancelled departure. Lufthansa 411 aborted their take-off after “Wow, that was quite a show,” says one pilot. “Yeah, okay, we all saw what happened, we don’t need to talk about it on the frequencies, there are people, er…” says the controller, and stops. NO!!! There are people what? Listening? Like me? So now I am curious… anyone out there who was there? Tell me! TELL!! lau

I was listening to JFK yesterday too. JFK is so cute. I kid you not! There was a massive rush going on. Something had obviously happened to delay the flights, and the controller was in a frenzy trying to keep the line moving. “If you need two minutes, tell me now! Cos if it’s two minutes I’m going to put someone else there!!” “Air France 1023, you can start that second engine now.” “Dynasty 5391, pull up to the Air France in front of you. Pull right up to him.” “Air France 1023, please pull up in line.” “FOLLOW THE AMERICAN EAGLE EMBRAER.” “American 257!!! If you are on Charlie, you should be started up and ready to go. Your line is moving. PLEASE pull up as close as possible to the traffic in front.” (What an awesome day! :D)

Wait for it! Wait for it! I have a GFM on BYC! Someone has gifted me a GFM! I don’t believe it! Humble little me… it’s still a bit weird seeing my name there in orange. I have seen so many people turning golden and thought, hey, that would be pretty awesome. My inbox status has jumped from 98% to 39%!!!! I can keep PMing with Erbil and Spocketatus now, if I can ever be bothered replying to either. I have been doing so much replying today my creative juices appear to have run a bit dry. Sorry!

I find it fantastic how we can gift GFMs. It really allows you to show your appreciation for another member of the chicken nerdom population. What have I done that’s so good? Is is because I’ve started welcoming recently? I hang around so many places, I honestly have no idea whether the culprit is from RR, GJF, Family Life, or maybe even the Aussies’ thread! But whoever you are… gratefulness to the extreme!

I must, of course, now pick a title for myself. I decided on “Out of the blue”. The GFM, my username, my arrival on the forum… (must’ve looked that way 😉 I always end up looking awkward and too forward online at first.)

Qantas is in danger of ending up on a path critics say is practically a mirror-image of Ansett’s collapse. Poor Qantas, who have slipped to #8 on the World’s Top Airlines. Qatar, meanwhile, have claimed the top spot. Where even is that? I think it’s near the Emirates, #10. The middle east has been rather binary this year. Asiana is #3: I haven’t heard of them before. Cathay, #4: I like Cathay, they are a pretty decent airline.

Have you even seen Qantas’s shares recently? $1.80? I have a really hard time believing that a few years ago the things cost $4.20.

Airlines are really copping it hard from the ash cloud and those natural disasters. The earth has not been very kind to us recently. Oil is still, however, hanging around $90.

Ahah. Have any of you heard of Gina Rinehart? First woman to top Australia’s rich list. $10.3 billion. What on earth does she own, the United States of America?! (Actually, I wouldn’t, have you even SEEN their debt numbers? th)  Nope, apparently not. Just a humble mining company. Although they apparently have some pretty spectacular projects, with the same number on the top ten as Rio Tinto.

BHP Billiton, meanwhile, have none.


Okay, I’m going to stop warbling now. Over and out. – Lizzzzzzzzay.

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Recently, a thread’s popped up on BYC about bad families. It’s pretty tear-jerking, reading about the experiences of people who’ve had alcoholic or just uncaring parents: I could never imagine a life like that! Virtual hugs to you all who’ve ever been in that situation!

I removed my post from that thread because it was obvious it wasn’t needed.

It’s interesting to read about the ways people cope with that kind of horrible stuff. People write, they listen to music, they take drugs.

I don’t know what I’d do if my life ever got that bad. Throw myself off a bridge? I currently keep a lame attempt at a journal. It’s funny in parts, when I read old notebooks, although some things are just better left in the past! There are a huge number of startling things that most people would be gobsmacked to read if I died and they found the journals.

The BYC people wouldn’t believe it, my parents wouldn’t believe it.

It’s amazing how people change, don’t you reckon? Year by year, my life has gone from one extreme to the next. I always do a little bullet point list of what I’ve achieved each year, just the main things. I do this on New Years’ Eve. It’s kind of a tradition lol

Some of the more amusing ones would be ‘Discovered PoultryLand and have successfully maintained four accounts.’ (Hey, don’t tell anyone, okay? hide I was a bit of a loser. But now I’ve started afresh, and I am 23_Lizzy_05, if PL ever returns)

‘Wrote four movies.’ Movies? What a joke! They were little Pages documents smothered in kiddy language. Recently, I’ve written a properly formatted real-deal thing, and I’m starting on another one! woot

‘Discovered aviation and have become an expert.’ ‘Discovered the stock market and have become an expert’. Really, Liz? Really? lau How can I be an expert in those things when I am not even at an age where I can legally fly or trade? ROFL. And back when I wrote those statements… I knew nothing compared to what I know now. Amusing how I used to think I was so smart, just because I knew what STAR, ILS, SPI and NYSE stand for. roll

I shall have to add ‘Discovered BYC and became a Crazy Pullet’ onto this year’s list. Fantastic. Something I should be very proud of!

The Crazy Pullets is a  fantastic resource. I can practically find any smiley I need on there, and copy and paste. Except for roll, because nobody seems to be rolling their eyes much lately 😦

And, to end with a bit of a laugh I got from old Spockety-Spock recently… lau


Wow, I just failed my German writing test! th

I actually tried really hard, went 150 over the word limit and detailed pet-searching flights to Perth and encountering the ash-cloud and enclosing a bird T-shirt from Bindi Irwin for my bird-crazy teacher who I have to tame in preparation for news that I’ve missed the past week of school to search for my missing pet. lau

Then my bubble was burst when Frau told us ‘geflogen’ has to be used with ‘sein’ and not ‘haben’. he th



wait, what? you put a hundred and fifty pets in an ash cloud just so you could tame a bird to give to you’re insane teacher?……you have no idea why weird what you just wrote sounded like.

So a woman told you that somebody had to be flogged in order to use a duck and not a rabbit in a bubble? or am i completely off? idunno

One more thing. Sorry I’m keeping you! I found a book named ‘Share Investing for Dummies’. Epic, it’s got chapters on almost everything i actually want to know… but $46 too expensive. It’s my birthday in ten months’ time!! Wink wink, nudge nudge! Jokes.

Mrs Bennet: I can wink and nudge… can you? lau

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How is everyone? I still remember when it was 12.34:56 7/8/09. (It’s 12:56 right now, so that second came to mind. :caf…. Ack!! Stop it! Why do I get this ridiculous impulse to type ‘:caf’ at the end of every sentence?! It’s becoming practically a ritual. :caf Full stop: .:caf followed by a :caf. :caf Can’t seem to type a sentence without it! Probably why when I Google Imaged my BYC username, whiteflare, I was rewarded, directly after the avatars of several of my associates (Crazy being the first, this post is dedicated to you) this:

 (Well, it was stationary, this being Google Images and not Google Animations, but it had the same effect of cracking me right up)

Anyhow, back to what I was saying originally before I lost count of how many brackets I needed to insert at the conclusion of that paragraph. I, being practically the only person in my entire year level who listens to the news without being blackmailed, was the one who pointed it out first. Another chick stole the credit (everything I do gets the credit taken away, I am one of those people who fades into the background despite the fact that I have a pretty good pair of lungs on me) and everyone thought it was fantastic, as usual. 🙄

One of these days, I am going to do something for myself. I am going to get a better paying job.

This is going to be a drastic improvement because I am trying to save up for a thousand things, and I can’t buy a single one of them with a thousand dollars. :th

  • A car
  • Flying lessons
  • University (although what’s this thing called HECS that people are talking about? I don’t fancy the idea of taking a loan from the government though, they usually can’t make up their minds about interest rates)
That would be all for the time being. Over and out, I had better start actually doing something now instead of just breezing through the day. I had something VERY important I was going to do. I forgot it as soon as I started trying to figure out how to insert the  into this post.
OOH! OOH! I have just had a GENIUS idea. Why didn’t I think of it before?! If I can insert , why can’t I insert any of the other ones? Guys, I deserve a Nobel Prize for being the most ignorant person on this planet. 

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Some people are precisely that. Thanks, Eenie and Gerbil! I almost forgot what it was like to have a giggle at someone who’s a tad ignorant about what a bee-yatch is… hehehe.

I reset my highlight colour to gold, and the streams of yellow popping up on my computer screen are making it quite cheerful 😛 I am cheerfully browsing through BYC in a bout of spontaneous rebellion, instead of researching the controversy on the Archibald Prize for portraiture.

I have completed my charcoal portrait of Alan Joyce for art class. I’m actually quite pleased with the result. From a distance, you can hardly tell the difference between the picture and the original photo, except for perhaps that I didn’t make his chin chubby enough. (No offence, Alan, but you probably wouldn’t be reading this anyhow, what with all that hoo-ha from your pilots protesting about not being put on Qantas flights and you trying to make little subsidiaries in a million different international locations). The teacher says that the dude would be proud if he ever saw my picture. Although, I have to say, it looks nothing like him now. He looks too stressed and tired about the failing international sector to be smiling much. 😉

What’s with that guy who decided to get his subsidiaries to clear out the oil on the market and send prices skyrocketing? Bit of a smart plan, if you ask me, but he’s in a helluva lot of trouble now.

I’ve been emailing with an old friend over in the UK. I’ve been practising my German, which is, in effect, terrible. I’ve just handed in my exchange forms, and am in a state of terror as I watch German movies I cannot understand a word of. The only things I have managed to figure out over the course of several emails are:

1. Ich kann nicht Deutsch sprechen. Ich meine dass Dallas Fortworth toll ist, obwohl sie sieben Landebahn haben und ich kann nicht wo Eagle Flight 3271 muss gehen verstehe.

2. Ich werde dich schiessen.

Ooh! That point reminds me. Have any of you ever read the book ‘Night Without End’? It is, by far, one of the most epic books I have ever read. I like this Alistair MacLean dude, gone through a couple of his creations before. NWE is basically about a sinister plane crash in the middle of the Greenland ice cap, and the struggle for survival of the scientists who rescue the passengers and the passengers themselves, among whom reside two murderers, the very ones who bought the plane down.

This story is taking self-sufficiency and preservation of life to the next level, at forty to seventy degrees below zero in the centre of a gravity storm and a glacier pitted with large holes.


I’ll end off with a nice cheerful screenshot I took of my new yellow highlighting 😀

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Now, world. I think I have elaborated before on how this planet has been made so small by air travel! Well, the thing is, the internet’s probably made it even smaller. Being able to talk to people on the other side of the world?! It’s just insane, it’d probably take me 14+ hours to fly to people who may as well just be in the next room :th (Darn it, this isn’t BYC, is it?! :th :caf :frow :ep :weee)

And JFK? Well…. yeah, I doubt that would be able to fit into the next room. And the signal is kinda bad. Always wondered why I never missed anyone’s flight number here at Sydney! :gig (Stop it! :smack)

Director was on yesterday :weee (Okay, I give up. :rant) It means the controllers on the Approach frequency handle the flights directly before they land. It usually happens when it’s not so busy, during which times I am busy, and I always end up missing it. :caf There is a rather interesting “mystery word” I’ve noticed during the approach clearances, “Cleared for the visual runway 34-left on the ___s.” Still trying to figure it out.

I’ve been working on a Health and PE project. Something to do with healthy alternatives. Why we bother with this stuff, I don’t really know (I eat pretty healthy already) but I found this picture. It was absolutely hysterical. The expression on that bird’s face! :lau

Okay, over and out. Must go now. :frow

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