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Sorry for getting everyone’s hopes up. There’s a lesson for you, don’t read my blog if you actually want to know what’s going on in the world. Ho, ho!

Well, no, let’s just say… to quote IG Markets, so much for a relief rally.

By the way, are rare earths like gold? I wonder why our friend Lynas didn’t suddenly turn -5 to -18% on me like practically everything else… *cough, hack* -18% *cough* Guess who THAT one belonged to.

Our favourite iron ore company kinda died on me too. Iron ore, I understand, is probably a far cry from gold. At least they didn’t fall below my End-Of-The-World limit of $6.20: they gave me that at least. The other iron ore company begs to differ. *sigh*

I still haven’t managed to sell anything. I really want to buy another legend like Fortescue, but I kinda… yeah… you saw from last time, my funds have dwindled to $373… What can we buy with $373 these days? Not much. Screw inflation… I was actually saying that to a friend about having about $2 in spare change. I might as well have had nothing. LOL.

While we’re on the topic of funds, I just pleasantly discovered as I withdrew some money from the ATM that I actually have $1355. $660 in savings and $695 in my access account: either I’ve done my maths wrong or I have just made $140 in two weeks, which never happens. Never. I have no idea where that money came from, but it was a nice surprise nonetheless 😛

There have been a lot of planes around nowadays. I’m actually surprised at the percentage of them that have been Virgin, considering their measly 30% market share. I don’t suppose Qantas have been axing routes again, have they? LOL.

I also discovered that Virgin and Emirates have an interline agreement going on. That’s great. It was only last week that I thought I heard Emirates dissing the crap out of joint ventures…

Virgin and Singapore have just started selling their codeshare tickets a couple of days ago, and, er, Claws (long story) is looking to be back in the air by Friday. I’m actually meant to be going to melbourne with them on the 18th – chop, chop, Claws, America almost sorted it out and I reckon an airline with a bad safety record would be a tad easier to get going again than the biggest economy in the world riddled with debt…

OK, maybe not, but we’ll just have to wait and see.


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This is dedicated to Eenie 😉

I never believed they would actually go bankrupt. That sort of stuff happens to Greece, not America, although they had us all on the edge of our seats, I have to say. 😛

Who has watched this rap battle? it is hilarious, I am not even kidding.

US-Sino Currency Rap Battle

Oh, and in case anyone is interested:
-Fortescue Metals reached $6.64 in the holidays!!!!!! OMG!!!! I was astounded, it was AWESOME!!
-Flight Centre has just risen to $22.33 after America came to an agreement about raising the debt ceiling!!!
-Yes, America ‘sorted it out’ tongue Thanks for making us sweat, Washington!! old
-Lynas is at $2.21, a record for me smile


(Yes, Flight Centre lost a little)


As you can see, I ran out of money lol
I also moved up to No. 7911! I started out at 8800! I was very proud of myself tongue

I am actually looking into buying something called SandFire… wish I’d gotten to it before it suddenly shot up. But anyway, I can’t decide what to sell. I would sell OneSteel if it just went back up for one second (give me that, come on!) and I am not selling Fortescue if you gave me a hundred grand. I’m following them on Tweeter now cos they’re special 😛

Actually, I’ve been having  a lot of fun on Tweeter.

Lizzy_235 The Person
rofl I’m playing Angry Birds. That pig just rolled off the edge of its little tower. I never even touched it 😛
Lizzy_235 The Person
omfg this five ton concrete block just landed on that pig. Y U NO DIE?!?!
Lizzy_235 The Person
Haha… was answering one of the RD quiz questions: “N_ _ _ _A: what state is Las Vegas in?” Only thing I could think of was “Narnia”…

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Guess what, I’ve just moved up maybe 250 spots in two days to No. 8001 on StockWatch. Wow, I am so talented. 8001th place.

I have 14.57 points, the game has been stacking them on recently. I don’t even know what I did. In fact, I don’t think I did anything.

And I thought we were meant to be beating the All Ords, I haven’t beaten them once yet.

Well, the place where the points are coming from can remain a mystery. I am stalking my friend. She has 6 points. I win. celebrate

Has one seen the price of Fortescue recently? $6.61. I’m not even kidding. I actually think I bought it at a good spot. One of the lowest in the past few weeks, the stuff was on Taking Stock last week. caf

I think it is something to do with the US and their debt ceiling. I haven’t been paying the biggest attention, but I think they’ve done something to get it raised by a couple of trillion of dollars. As if 14 trillion wasn’t enough.

Even Julia Gillard touring the country in a mining vest couldn’t seem to dampen spirits.

Flight centre has gone over $22 again. Is nickel something good? The price must have gone up. Mirabela Nickel has gone above $2 for the first time since I bought it. It is amazing how many companies I now know exist just by playing this game…

What is happening elsewhere? Oh yes, I have to mention Gindalbie. There’s a line through it. I read in the AFR that they’re doing an “equity raising”. Fantastic, dictionary please. I kinda gave up on them along with onesteel a while ago though, so I’m not too fussed.

Time, apparently, is running short for Toll. I see no evidence of any such thing. I am glad I bought it when I did.

ARGH!!!!!!!! Is that QRN I see moving?! Sorry, I almost forgot they existed things have been so slow in that department.

MAp was probably the only company to hold out besides Fortescue and Lynas during the recent … ahem, episode. When the carbon tax came out. I don’t know what they’ve been doing. I see that they are very close to acquiring another 11% of Sydney Airport off OTPP! They are giving up interests in European airports. I probably would too.



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Yeah, totally. Shall we begin? 😛

The gales have gotten pretty bad around these parts recently: although I haven’t been affected too badly, I can just imagine what it’s like for the others who have to suffer because of this terrible weather around NSW. And although I’ve been neglecting liveATC, I can just imagine what it’s been like down at the airport!

Tiger Airways has just been grounded until the end of July, and the CEO announced his resignation, which came as a shock to everyone. We’re booked to fly with them to Melbourne in August: I kinda hope they’re still down by then because I’ve never, and I mean never, flown with one of the “real” airlines within Australia.

I’m glad I saw this coming. My fake Virgin shares have gone up a lot. Everything else has gone down though, life hates me 😛 I’ve never seen Virgin shares cost so much… o.O

The government has lifted the live cattle export ban to Indonesia. This must be great news for all those farmers up there, although it’s going to take them a while to get things going again. As they say, you can’t get anywhere without starting first 😀

I found most of this stuff out because I dicovered my mother’s phone has a free news feature. I read most of these articles within minutes of them coming out. lau

And what is our friend Fortescue up to? I have absolutely no idea, but I read something about them going for the debt markets… can’t be for sure, they’re wanting to do something to expand production I see, triple it. And noooo, our mate Andrew Forrest is being taken over by someone else… 😛

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Hello, to all you blog readers.  frow

Who, by the way, was it that commented calling themselves ‘Whiteflare Jr.’? Was it you, Nix? You said something about minions, and you’re younger than me… o.O

Never mind, thanks for the comment!




Ducketatus was even speculative that growth COULD go over 100%!

The fake stock is pretty good. Flight Centre especially, I’ve been reading the papers and picking the ones they said are set to rise…

Does Nix even read my blog? I feel a special connection with all you Aussies. Feel free to pop by any time you want 😛


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Hey, it’s a new game I discovered!

We can buy fake stocks with fake money at real prices.

I had absolutely no idea what I was meant to be doing. Fun, fun, fun! I scrolled down toVirgin Blue.

I gleefully bought some Fortescue Metals.

Give me a break, I know nothing about the stock market, I was just having a bit of fun with my fake money!!

FMG actually turned out to be one of top growth stocks they had on one of the articles.

Today, I logged on to discover my stock had gone down by 0.495% *sad face* At least I’d managed to buy some. My Virgin stuff is still pending. caf

What do I do now?

I had absolutely no idea. I scrolled down the list and gleefully happened upon MAp, who I have been reading about in the news. Buy!!!

I have been telling Spocketatus about my adventures:


ARGHH!! So exciting! I love this game.  The stock’s just gone down by $20. I’m guessing the pretty red colours are an indication telling me I shouldn’t sell it. idunno


Good, good. What sort of stock? cattle? goats? chickens? pigs? donkeys? horses?


Fortescue Metals. caf


Metals? thats good.

ROFL….. heheh

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Really? What was it? What happened?!?! Inquiring minds need to know!

At JFK, on the liveATC interesting recordings, there was a cancelled departure. Lufthansa 411 aborted their take-off after “Wow, that was quite a show,” says one pilot. “Yeah, okay, we all saw what happened, we don’t need to talk about it on the frequencies, there are people, er…” says the controller, and stops. NO!!! There are people what? Listening? Like me? So now I am curious… anyone out there who was there? Tell me! TELL!! lau

I was listening to JFK yesterday too. JFK is so cute. I kid you not! There was a massive rush going on. Something had obviously happened to delay the flights, and the controller was in a frenzy trying to keep the line moving. “If you need two minutes, tell me now! Cos if it’s two minutes I’m going to put someone else there!!” “Air France 1023, you can start that second engine now.” “Dynasty 5391, pull up to the Air France in front of you. Pull right up to him.” “Air France 1023, please pull up in line.” “FOLLOW THE AMERICAN EAGLE EMBRAER.” “American 257!!! If you are on Charlie, you should be started up and ready to go. Your line is moving. PLEASE pull up as close as possible to the traffic in front.” (What an awesome day! :D)

Wait for it! Wait for it! I have a GFM on BYC! Someone has gifted me a GFM! I don’t believe it! Humble little me… it’s still a bit weird seeing my name there in orange. I have seen so many people turning golden and thought, hey, that would be pretty awesome. My inbox status has jumped from 98% to 39%!!!! I can keep PMing with Erbil and Spocketatus now, if I can ever be bothered replying to either. I have been doing so much replying today my creative juices appear to have run a bit dry. Sorry!

I find it fantastic how we can gift GFMs. It really allows you to show your appreciation for another member of the chicken nerdom population. What have I done that’s so good? Is is because I’ve started welcoming recently? I hang around so many places, I honestly have no idea whether the culprit is from RR, GJF, Family Life, or maybe even the Aussies’ thread! But whoever you are… gratefulness to the extreme!

I must, of course, now pick a title for myself. I decided on “Out of the blue”. The GFM, my username, my arrival on the forum… (must’ve looked that way 😉 I always end up looking awkward and too forward online at first.)

Qantas is in danger of ending up on a path critics say is practically a mirror-image of Ansett’s collapse. Poor Qantas, who have slipped to #8 on the World’s Top Airlines. Qatar, meanwhile, have claimed the top spot. Where even is that? I think it’s near the Emirates, #10. The middle east has been rather binary this year. Asiana is #3: I haven’t heard of them before. Cathay, #4: I like Cathay, they are a pretty decent airline.

Have you even seen Qantas’s shares recently? $1.80? I have a really hard time believing that a few years ago the things cost $4.20.

Airlines are really copping it hard from the ash cloud and those natural disasters. The earth has not been very kind to us recently. Oil is still, however, hanging around $90.

Ahah. Have any of you heard of Gina Rinehart? First woman to top Australia’s rich list. $10.3 billion. What on earth does she own, the United States of America?! (Actually, I wouldn’t, have you even SEEN their debt numbers? th)  Nope, apparently not. Just a humble mining company. Although they apparently have some pretty spectacular projects, with the same number on the top ten as Rio Tinto.

BHP Billiton, meanwhile, have none.


Okay, I’m going to stop warbling now. Over and out. – Lizzzzzzzzay.

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