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Sorry for getting everyone’s hopes up. There’s a lesson for you, don’t read my blog if you actually want to know what’s going on in the world. Ho, ho!

Well, no, let’s just say… to quote IG Markets, so much for a relief rally.

By the way, are rare earths like gold? I wonder why our friend Lynas didn’t suddenly turn -5 to -18% on me like practically everything else… *cough, hack* -18% *cough* Guess who THAT one belonged to.

Our favourite iron ore company kinda died on me too. Iron ore, I understand, is probably a far cry from gold. At least they didn’t fall below my End-Of-The-World limit of $6.20: they gave me that at least. The other iron ore company begs to differ. *sigh*

I still haven’t managed to sell anything. I really want to buy another legend like Fortescue, but I kinda… yeah… you saw from last time, my funds have dwindled to $373… What can we buy with $373 these days? Not much. Screw inflation… I was actually saying that to a friend about having about $2 in spare change. I might as well have had nothing. LOL.

While we’re on the topic of funds, I just pleasantly discovered as I withdrew some money from the ATM that I actually have $1355. $660 in savings and $695 in my access account: either I’ve done my maths wrong or I have just made $140 in two weeks, which never happens. Never. I have no idea where that money came from, but it was a nice surprise nonetheless 😛

There have been a lot of planes around nowadays. I’m actually surprised at the percentage of them that have been Virgin, considering their measly 30% market share. I don’t suppose Qantas have been axing routes again, have they? LOL.

I also discovered that Virgin and Emirates have an interline agreement going on. That’s great. It was only last week that I thought I heard Emirates dissing the crap out of joint ventures…

Virgin and Singapore have just started selling their codeshare tickets a couple of days ago, and, er, Claws (long story) is looking to be back in the air by Friday. I’m actually meant to be going to melbourne with them on the 18th – chop, chop, Claws, America almost sorted it out and I reckon an airline with a bad safety record would be a tad easier to get going again than the biggest economy in the world riddled with debt…

OK, maybe not, but we’ll just have to wait and see.


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This is dedicated to Eenie 😉

I never believed they would actually go bankrupt. That sort of stuff happens to Greece, not America, although they had us all on the edge of our seats, I have to say. 😛

Who has watched this rap battle? it is hilarious, I am not even kidding.

US-Sino Currency Rap Battle

Oh, and in case anyone is interested:
-Fortescue Metals reached $6.64 in the holidays!!!!!! OMG!!!! I was astounded, it was AWESOME!!
-Flight Centre has just risen to $22.33 after America came to an agreement about raising the debt ceiling!!!
-Yes, America ‘sorted it out’ tongue Thanks for making us sweat, Washington!! old
-Lynas is at $2.21, a record for me smile


(Yes, Flight Centre lost a little)


As you can see, I ran out of money lol
I also moved up to No. 7911! I started out at 8800! I was very proud of myself tongue

I am actually looking into buying something called SandFire… wish I’d gotten to it before it suddenly shot up. But anyway, I can’t decide what to sell. I would sell OneSteel if it just went back up for one second (give me that, come on!) and I am not selling Fortescue if you gave me a hundred grand. I’m following them on Tweeter now cos they’re special 😛

Actually, I’ve been having  a lot of fun on Tweeter.

Lizzy_235 The Person
rofl I’m playing Angry Birds. That pig just rolled off the edge of its little tower. I never even touched it 😛
Lizzy_235 The Person
omfg this five ton concrete block just landed on that pig. Y U NO DIE?!?!
Lizzy_235 The Person
Haha… was answering one of the RD quiz questions: “N_ _ _ _A: what state is Las Vegas in?” Only thing I could think of was “Narnia”…

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