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Guess what, I’ve just moved up maybe 250 spots in two days to No. 8001 on StockWatch. Wow, I am so talented. 8001th place.

I have 14.57 points, the game has been stacking them on recently. I don’t even know what I did. In fact, I don’t think I did anything.

And I thought we were meant to be beating the All Ords, I haven’t beaten them once yet.

Well, the place where the points are coming from can remain a mystery. I am stalking my friend. She has 6 points. I win. celebrate

Has one seen the price of Fortescue recently? $6.61. I’m not even kidding. I actually think I bought it at a good spot. One of the lowest in the past few weeks, the stuff was on Taking Stock last week. caf

I think it is something to do with the US and their debt ceiling. I haven’t been paying the biggest attention, but I think they’ve done something to get it raised by a couple of trillion of dollars. As if 14 trillion wasn’t enough.

Even Julia Gillard touring the country in a mining vest couldn’t seem to dampen spirits.

Flight centre has gone over $22 again. Is nickel something good? The price must have gone up. Mirabela Nickel has gone above $2 for the first time since I bought it. It is amazing how many companies I now know exist just by playing this game…

What is happening elsewhere? Oh yes, I have to mention Gindalbie. There’s a line through it. I read in the AFR that they’re doing an “equity raising”. Fantastic, dictionary please. I kinda gave up on them along with onesteel a while ago though, so I’m not too fussed.

Time, apparently, is running short for Toll. I see no evidence of any such thing. I am glad I bought it when I did.

ARGH!!!!!!!! Is that QRN I see moving?! Sorry, I almost forgot they existed things have been so slow in that department.

MAp was probably the only company to hold out besides Fortescue and Lynas during the recent … ahem, episode. When the carbon tax came out. I don’t know what they’ve been doing. I see that they are very close to acquiring another 11% of Sydney Airport off OTPP! They are giving up interests in European airports. I probably would too.




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Yeah, totally. Shall we begin? 😛

The gales have gotten pretty bad around these parts recently: although I haven’t been affected too badly, I can just imagine what it’s like for the others who have to suffer because of this terrible weather around NSW. And although I’ve been neglecting liveATC, I can just imagine what it’s been like down at the airport!

Tiger Airways has just been grounded until the end of July, and the CEO announced his resignation, which came as a shock to everyone. We’re booked to fly with them to Melbourne in August: I kinda hope they’re still down by then because I’ve never, and I mean never, flown with one of the “real” airlines within Australia.

I’m glad I saw this coming. My fake Virgin shares have gone up a lot. Everything else has gone down though, life hates me 😛 I’ve never seen Virgin shares cost so much… o.O

The government has lifted the live cattle export ban to Indonesia. This must be great news for all those farmers up there, although it’s going to take them a while to get things going again. As they say, you can’t get anywhere without starting first 😀

I found most of this stuff out because I dicovered my mother’s phone has a free news feature. I read most of these articles within minutes of them coming out. lau

And what is our friend Fortescue up to? I have absolutely no idea, but I read something about them going for the debt markets… can’t be for sure, they’re wanting to do something to expand production I see, triple it. And noooo, our mate Andrew Forrest is being taken over by someone else… 😛

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Hello, to all you blog readers.  frow

Who, by the way, was it that commented calling themselves ‘Whiteflare Jr.’? Was it you, Nix? You said something about minions, and you’re younger than me… o.O

Never mind, thanks for the comment!




Ducketatus was even speculative that growth COULD go over 100%!

The fake stock is pretty good. Flight Centre especially, I’ve been reading the papers and picking the ones they said are set to rise…

Does Nix even read my blog? I feel a special connection with all you Aussies. Feel free to pop by any time you want 😛


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